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Since 2007, Technic-Achat dispenses automatism and industrial electricity components in its store and online.
But Tecnic-Achat isnít only a seller. Our experienced team of technicians offers you performances in the field of industry. After studying the specifications, Technic-Achat Engineering suggest you the most suitable solution at a competitive price. We then achieve the plans, the wiring, the programming, the tests and the commissioning of your machine.
With our expertise and our 10 years of experience, we offer you turnkey projects. 
Our expertise

      Hydraulic test bench
      Management of a 30 kW hydraulic unit

      Packaging line for delicatessen
      Automated packaging of flour
      Labels unwinder
      Stop with an actuator

Educational test bench
      Brushless engine

      Pneumatic management cabinet

Industrial process management
      Tank and warm-up management
      Automated filling for tanker
      Boiler management

Assembly, productions
      Turning gear
      Baseboards cutting
      Bar code reading and checking

Test and mesurement instrumentation
      Aging box for parts
      Tensite test bench

Electrical distribution cabinets
      Control cabinets renovation

Arrangement of the workstation
      Casing for machines
Industrial sectors

Agriculture - Water management
      Management of walker for horses
      Management of a milking parlour
      Manipulator system for drying rack for plums
      22 KW Electrical cabinet for pumping regulation
      Automated watering management

Energy production
      Filter management
      Marine current power automation
      Micro power stations automation

      Automated wine blending
      Automated filling for tanker
      Ice cream production

      Automation of a press for compacting

      Storage carts for electronic cards